Obligatory Warranty Informations


You will get a warranty card for the product you purchased. In case of failure, bring your product with the warranty card and the original invoice. We are unable to replace a lost warranty card. Any subsequent repair, overwriting, or recording of false information on the warranty card will invalidate the warranty.

Warranty validity

The warranty is valid for 12 months from receipt of the product. If the product malfunctions, the warranty period will be extended by the time spent in service.

Warranty invalidity

  • improper use, dusting, flooding
  • improper storage, transportation, cable breakage and other damage
  • repair by another service


For us, not only the sale of the e-scooters, but also their servicing plays an important role, that’s why we created our own service. We are aware that any model you choose may malfunction or deteriorate. Our service will assist you with this.